List items to have different links

I’m a newbie using Adalo, it’s powerful and pretty easy to use in general.

I tried using Horizontal Card List of Horizontal Chip List but I just couldn’t figure out how to attach different URL links to different items in the list. There’s only one option to specify a link but the reason why you have a list of multiple items is exactly that you may have different links for each item. I tried adding a property in the list collection but there’s no link property as well.

Please help or maybe make a tutorial for this which I believe could be quite a common issue.

Thanks for the help!

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Just add a text property in the database, call it “link”.

Then in the list, you can do the action “link – website” and you paste the link with the magic text feature.

Job done! :slight_smile:


Hi, where is this “magic text” feature? for the action “link”, there’s only one url you can set, which is not what i needed, i need to have one link per list item/image.


What I was mentioning above, is the solution.

If it’s not clear, I can provide a concrete example:

This is a list of team members

And on the Linkedin image, there is the link to our page, through the magic text (“Team member linkedin”)


Ah, i got it. The magic text button allows user to set a property that can be used as the link. Woohoo!

Thanks so much!

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