How to add webhook

Does anyone know how to add a webhook to my projects, I want to add a webhook to a button that sends an API request to my webook, basically on my app it has textboxes on it and when you add text to the textboxes and click the button it will send a API request to the webhook with those text that you put on there in the textboxes

I believe you are asking about Custom Actions.


Is it only for paid versions? and can I add my own discord webook to it

Yes and yes

Ok I’ll probably buy it tomorrow then, if I ever have issues can I contact someone live to help me with a project? Basically I added a custom text box and when I click a button I want to add it to the built in database

I believe the $200/month package comes with a dedicated support person. I dont think the $50/month does. There is a slack channel where lots of people ask for help and get pretty quick responses, but I do not remember how I was even invited to it. I’ve never contacted Adalo support personally so I do not know what the response time is.

may i use you as a support person if I pay or if this issue is easy then for free whichever, do you have discord, WhatsApp,telegram, Instagram any of these to contact you direclty

Not really in my wheelhouse. My colleague @Mitch-Pragmaflow might be more suited. He has built discord bots as well and used the discord APIs

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@iGotDinero this viedo will explain how to send webhooks (using custom actions) from adalo. It also shows how to receive those calls in integromat.

If you are looking for coaching we can provide that, please dm for more info.

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