Textbox and button to database

I added a custom textbox and a button, and I want the textbox to where whatever text you put in that textbox and click the button it will add to the database that’s already on adalo. If I need to explain more reply to this topic, my discord is Envy#2171 if anyone could help there too!

Hi @iGotDinero :wave:

You mean there’s a text input and when you enter a text and click the button it creates or updates a record in your collection right? Then add the create action or update action and put Other Components>Input ( The name that you gave to the text input component) to the field where you want.

Like this.

Thank you

Yes, but every time I go to “which data collected” it makes like 5 textboxes, do you think there is any way I can directly contact you for help? Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Discord,Email,Telegram, Whatsapp or any other platform, I am new to adalo and this is my last issue for this project! Thx for the reply aswell!

Sorry. I didn’t get it. Can you explain a bit?

No Sorry! :slightly_smiling_face:

You can post your questions here.
If you need more assistance you can hire a Expert.

Your welcome

Where can I hire one and how expensive would it be to fix this issue?

I am using the appoinments app clone, and when I also click the button I want it to save to “learn” form but it doesn’t seem to do that

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