How to align buttons with texts to create traditional multiple choice quizzes?

Hello Friends, I am working to create informative apps with quizzes for my students. I have experimented with the text and button components. The buttons do not align well with the answer choices. Is there something that I am missing? I like the natural spacing of the list component, but don’t think I can adapt list in that way to just be a set of answer choices.

Q 1
After the rain the flowers bloom.

:green_circle: NO CHANGE
:green_circle: rain:
:green_circle: rain,
:green_circle: rain, seeing

I have worked out cool “correct” and “incorrect” modals, depending on which button a student would press.

Hi @NoCodeCadet ,

Try putting rectangle from the most left to text answers, it will overlap with the icon, you can bring the icon forward by rearranging in the components layer at screen level.

Thanks! I ran a quick test and it seems to hold icons in place. I will take it a bit further to see if it is a consistent work around.
Have a great day!

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It works from the top too in other cases.

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