How to attach a list of items to different categories?

So I have different categories or departments of a store. And these have subcategories, and even sub-subcategories. So I can spread those out just fine. But when I get to the final subcategory, I then need to attach the actual list of items. How do I attach different lists of items to each individual sub-subcategory?

Here’s a recommendation:

  • Give each of your categories and sub-categories a unique ID number to identify them.
  • Then create a relationship between items and categories.
  • You can then link each item to a category through their category ID (or you can use the category name as well if you want).

And that’s that. Now each category/sub-category will have their list of items according to that relationship.

Hey there. I was actually making it a lot harder than it needed to be. I just needed to create a database collection of “Items”, give it a relationship to the “Sub-subcategories”, and specify which items belong to which sub-subcategory. My mind was just overthinking that process for some reason. But thanks for the input!

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