How to create sub categories? I am trying to make a food delivery app

Hello team,

I want to create something like, The restaurant has a menu which has sub categories like starters, main course, dessert and goes on. How do i achieve this with database? The restaurant owners should also be able to edit the sub-menu headings to whatever they like.


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For this purpose, you need to create a relationship between collections - 1 to many & vice versa.


I didn’t understand. So what i did was i created a relationship between Restaurant and Menu. Which says

A Restaurant can have multiple Menus
A Menu belongs to one Restaurant

How do i let restaurant owners create multiple menu like starters or whatever heading. Under that comes the respective menu items. for example

Beverages - Soda
Beverages - Water


Save all subcategories in the new collection with same relationship.

Adalo has a food ordering template, play with that you’ll get the idea.

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