How to cancel payment?

Hi. I’ve chosen monthly payment (not yearly) and adalo stole my 45 dollars second month. I didn’t pay them, it happened automatically. Can I receive back my money? What if I return to free plan?

Hey, I would doubt very much Adalo stole your money. Typically when you subscribe to a service it is automatic. I would contact support if you didn’t subscribe to Adalo and cannot cancel.

“I signed up for a subscription and they charged me for it! This is stealing”

Nah bro, it’s not stealing @VadimStyle. You signed up for a subscription plan. That’s how subscriptions work. If you sign up, they charge you.

In order to downgrade your account, click “Settings” and then “Usage and Billing”. From there, you can click the “Change Plan” button and downgrade to the free plan.

If you need a refund, I would recommend submitting a support ticket and asking for one. I’m not sure if Adalo honors refunds for this, but you’re welcome to ask and let us know the outcome of the result here.

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Hello. Yeah, thank you for doubting of that! I would be really thankful if you contact adalo support to cancel my subscribition and return my money. Because I have already paid 1 acc ([](mailto: And I use them. And I forgot about the other acc ( There is automatically unnecessary renew payments so I would like to cancel it, refund 40-45 dollars, and I will pay only for my main account. Thank you a lot!
If I need to login and confirm by some magic link, be free to send me that!

Submit a ticket @VadimStyle
Here’s the link:

We are Adalo Community Leaders and we do not work for Adalo. You must contact Adalo for support on this issue.

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Thank you a lot!!!

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