How to check who of the app users still have the app installed

Hi! I made a social media app with Adalo. Some people use it, some people delete the app from their phone but their account is still in database and other users might text them and never recieve answer back.
Can I check somehow who of users in database has my app installed? The app is available in Appstore and Google Market.
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Hi @elvirarvas,

Quite an interesting question.
I didn’t manage to find any direct ways to get the information about app uninstallation (and I believe that Apple / Google won’t allow that). So you can try using indirect methods.

First idea is to use Push notifications and see whether they are delivered or not. This approach is explained here How To Track App Uninstall Effectively - CleverTap, but not for Adalo. In case of Adalo you can try using Push API calls (Trigger Push Notifications via API - Adalo Resources). In the documentation it says that if both “successful” and “failed” results are 0, the user doesn’t have the app installed yet; however, I am not sure how this API call will behave if the user has uninistalled the app. So some testing is needed.

Another idea is to try to identify inactive users by the records in the database. Unfortunately there is no way to check if a user is authenticated and when he/she opened the app last time (Adalo don’t have an interface for that). Also last time of user record update won’t help as well (it will change only when a value is changed, not even a relation). So you might want to look at some other collections (messages, posts, etc.) and try to guess if users are still active. There is a discussion about similar topic here: How we can Detect app delete/ unin… | Apple Developer Forums.

One more idea: you can update your app by adding a “Last Opened” field into the Users collection. Then add a Splash screen, make it Home screen, add an action to update Logged-in User > Last Opened with current time, and another action to link them to Home screen. With this you will know when they launched the app last time.
[Simpler way is to add Update action on the existing Home screen, but this action will be executed every time a user visits Home, so it might be more costly from Actions perspective. Although you can make it conditional - run only when Last Opened is more than 1 hour ago].
So, when your users update the app, within some time you will know how many users are active.

Hope this helps.



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