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Hello everybody

How do we know that someone has uninstalled our app?

It doesn’t remove them from the user database and when we look at the active users in the Google or Apple console the number doesn’t match.

If you have an idea (send an email and ask to users to click on a link or something else…?)



Not sure it is possible to check the number of uninstalls - I guess this is a private info of the user.

You can check the number of active users though: add a date-time property “last home screen visit”, update it each time when user visits home screen, and then you can get the info, for example, how many users used your app within last X days.
BTW, don’t forget to “initialise” this property upon user signup (I mean put a current time there) - I’ve seen some cases when property’s value didn’t get updated on the Home screen, when it was empty before.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi @Victor ,

It’s exactly what i’ve already made :sweat_smile: .

It was mainly to be able to sort and remove users who no longer have the application from those who have it and do not use it…

Thanks for your response

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