How to clear fields after form submit?

Seams a silly question, but how can I have my form fields clear after I submit? when we go back to a form previously filled out many fields still contains data from the previous submittal.


SAme question - specifically with date & time picker fields

Same problem. Has anyone found a resolution?

The only way i know to do this is to create actions that occur as the last step before screen transition that “change input value” for each of the inputs in the form. You can set the value back to “empty” for each of the field values. This will be tedious for forms with many fields because you can only do this to one field at a time.

Thanks, that’s a solution but seams crazy that a platform such as this would not have a way to clear fields after submit. This makes double data entry really easy which is of course not the desired effect.

Hi @rjp – There is a feature request for this here if you can help us by adding your vote that would be greatly appreciated.

Did we receive a step by step on how to use the clear fields? I see in the feature request that there is an option to clear fields but it is not allowing my to select input fields to clear.

Impressive, I think they haven’t given the solution to something so basic yet. I’m starting to regret having chosen Adalo.


I found that if your input field is a number field, make any letter your Default Value. It will show as blank the next time.