On screen change input value

i have an input box that helps to determine filters in a list. But when people leave the screen and come back the input back doesn’t reset to default.

I tried to do change input value on screen visit. But it seems theres a bug with it and it will excute everytime something is clicked.

If there is no issue with that field being blank you can do a page action to change the input whenever the user visits the page. Just in the spot where it says “change to what” (or something along those lines) leave it blank and it will clear it out on every new page load.

I believe that is what I did. I created a page action to clear the input field. However there is a bug with this. If anything is clicked on that page like a button, the page action is triggered again.

Not sure then. If there is a bug, its probably worth creating a support ticket for.

this is something very common in Adalo apps, text input value in Adalo are saved locally on the user’s device, it means that even if you close the app, the value wont change. the best thing that you can do is even action on the screen visit to change the value which it should work (i’ve done it myself) or on the action that leads to that screen add an action to change the input value.

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