How to clear Text input from another page?

How to clear the Text input after the user go to another page? The text input is still hold same value even when the user creates another record.

Hi @projectlinuxsupports - does the proposed solution here work for you? Force Refresh a screen - Can it be done?

I’m sorry I have a mistake explaining what component that I encountered the problem. I mean “Text Input” not “Form Input”.

The solution from the page you propose is for Form Input, so in Text Input there is no option to activate Auto Refresh List.

In my case, even after the user going through several page, creating a new record, the text input somehow still hold the same value as before.

For example the user create an Order > go to Input Ingredients Screen (here’s the Text Input is placed) > go to Summary Screen > go to Thank You Screen > go to Home Screen.

Then, when the user create a new order again from the Home Screen, when it came back to the Input Ingredients Screen, the Text Input still hold the same value.


Is there a default setting on the text input field? If not, it sounds like this might be your browser caching the entry, rather than Adalo…

No solution for this, this way people need to erase everytime.

When you go to next screen, you can add an action “Change Input Value” to empty for that text input field.

Next time the user returns to the same page, it’ll be empty.


Thanks @bhanu it worked!

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@AfonsoMarques @bhanu Thanks for sharing!

It worked for me as well, however, I could still see the old values for a millisecond before they got cleared.

I ended up deciding to put the action to “clear the input values” on the button that LEADS to the screen, so before it loads, the input gets cleared.

Just putting it out there in case it helps someone else :slight_smile:

Thanks @bhanu. Just a warning, though, that this works with the “create” action but bugs out with the “update” action. (I’ve described the bug here and have submitted a ticket: Bug when Using "Clear Input Values" as a Workaround to Clear Cached Fields when Updating )

Does anyone know of any other workarounds? A record’s empty field being populated with the previously-updated record’s information in a screen is kind of a huge problem for any app that has user-available forms and blank fields in some records (contact cards, to-do lists, inventory management…) A user can be updating a client’s phone number in their contact card and end up adding the previously-updated client’s address because the address field for the currently-viewed client’s record was empty and they didn’t notice! Yowza!

The only (very janky) workaround I’ve found so far is to add a blank space after the magic text that populates each text input field on the screen meant to update the record. That way, if there’s no data in that field for that record, there will be a blank space in the text input instead of the data from the last record. Of course, this adds blank spaces to the end of each text field every time a record is updated and the field isn’t changed, but at least it’s not adding Customer A’s phone number to Customer B’s contact card. (With number fields, I’ve used “+0” instead of a blank space, which has problems of its own.)

Are there better workarounds anyone knows of? Does anyone know if this caching bug is likely to be fixed? (I’m too new here to know what the turnaround is on fixing problems of this level of importance.)