How to control the android back button?

I have a back button configured on one of the screens that when the user taps it a certain action is triggered. Unfortunately, while testing on android devices, I’ve noticed that if the user taps the android back button, instead of the back button from the screen, the action is not triggered (it by-passed it).
Is there any way of configuring the android back button to behave like the back button from the app? Or to disable it ?


Hi @miloi_ionut,

I’ve encountered similar problem - not with Android, but with the browser. See the thread here: Screen visit actions and "back" button
Could you please explain exactly, which actions do you add and where?
May be this can help to identify the bug.

As Victor mentioned this is more of a bug than a configuration problem of the button behaviour. The functionality for the “back” function operates exactly as the button would do on the device.

Hi @Victor, the flow is the following: a user is on a product detail screen, taps on “order product” button (at this moment I create in the background a new order). After tapping the button, he is redirected to a screen where he can add more details to his order and actually confirm or cancel the ordering processing he started. If on this second screen he taps the back button from the app I delete the newly created order, but if the taps the android back button, the delete order is not triggered, and I end up with an order in a incomplete state, not confirmed but not deleted either


There does appear to be some odd behaviour happening with this between device and the link action. I will have to investigate it more and then submit it to the devs to fix.

Hi @miloi_ionut,

Thanks. Logic in my app is similar and I have similar problems. At the end I had to ignore such “incomplete” orders, and add a specific separate screen if somehow the user continues to work with this order (my order creation process has several steps, and this “back” button bug could have various effects if back button is pressed several times).

In your case it may be you could create an order after adding all details on the 2nd screen.

Hopefully the bug will be fixed soon :slight_smile:

Hi @Victor Unfortunately, I don’t have available all the data I need on the second screen to create the order there, so I need to create it step by step and on the last screen only to update the rest of the details

Hi @miloi_ionut let’s hope the bug will be fixed soon :slight_smile:

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