How to create new versions of a private component. (help me solve this, get $15)

We are developing a new component. To test it, we publish it as a private component.

The issue is that the new versions of the component are not updating on the editor so we cannot test the latest version.

We ran ‘adalo publish’ to update our component, that completed successfully.

Do you know what we need to do? How do versions work with components?

The other option we are thinking is to delete the current component and then trying to install it again. But we don’t find any place to delete a private component. Is that possible?


I’ve put the request to get help for this on nocodeshare and paid $15. the first person to solve it gets $15 if your solution works:

Please check that the component works first on the development mode, maybe your changes are messing up the component.

Thanks @njimmy10 but it works in development mode.

We did yarn adalo publish but the private component is not having the updated code. Do we need to refresh somewhere?

First version is live? Correct? You have it in your library and added it to your team correct?

Yes, first version is live. We had it in our library and tested on our adalo editor. Then we did new versions but they don’t appear in the editor.

When you run: Yarn run publish. the version will be immediately there, no need to do anything, maximum you refresh and stop your server in the terminal or cmd. So when you do that, (new version) does the component disappear from your privates? or it is there? if it’s there, the new version should be too.

First it didn’t update. So we created a second component for the updated version.
Now it has disappeared (and the second version is also not showing up).

I believe you have something messed within your adalo.json and your package.json

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We have double checked this.

The confusing part is why it works fine on dev so it should appear when building for the private component. Correct?

we filled this out correctly, right? the fields we did not add seem to be optional?

and here’s the package json

do these look correct to you @njimmy10 ?

No. You have issues in the Adalo.json

thanks, do you know what the issues are? it seems the other fields are optional for private components.

And it worked like this for v1, not sure why the v2 did not go through

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