How to create notification screen for every user


Does anyone know how to build a notification screen?

If yes, please share your tutorial

The best way for you will depend on your use case.

For me, I set up a new collection called “notifications”. Whenever a user does an action that I want to be notifyable I create a new record in notifications with all the details, which is linked to the user I want to be notified.

On a separate notification screen I have a custom list which shows all notifications.

If you want users to see unread notifications you can set up a true/false property called read/unread which is updated when the user clicks on the notification. You could then have an icon or text on the list which only displays when the notification is read or unread.

As I said, how you set it up depends on what you want to achieve.


could you show a printscreen showing how you made this notification appear on the screen? I created a database for notifications, I put a list on the screen to show the notification when it was triggered and it does not work at all, the notification on the screen does not appear, I tried in a thousand other ways, with other databases, I filtered users and it still doesn’t work. Could you help me please? If necessary, I’ll even send you the screenshots of my application to explain it better.