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I searched the forum but didn’t find it.

How to create a screen to show push notification messages? is this possible in adalo?

Hey, unfortunately I dont believe this is possible to pull a list automatically for those that are sent or receive a notification (atleast that I know of). You would need to create a new collection for “Notifications” once you trigger a notification, you would then create a new Notification Collection Record also. You then can use different logic to link to the individuals/groups (this part can be a bit more complex).

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I tried to create a “notification” collection where “users” is listed but I can’t pull the users that should receive the notification.

in action I created the PUSH notification and then it creates a new record in the message table with the same title and message, what I can’t do is the relationship to specific users.

Hey, without seeing your exact structure it’s hard to suggest a way. There’s several ways you could go about this depending on your relationships… and the data available on the screen you are sending notifications from.

You could also use subsequent list filtering of a custom list to your criteria/group and use a Countdown Timer in that custom list to assign the new Notification Record to the user in the list etc etc (this wont work though for a lot of records).

I have completed this in various ways in the past… but the truth is they are all work arounds. It would be best having access to the data from the notification server (Hopefully Adalo will enable in the future)

Just visit the app academy and watch Patrick Ford’s instagram clone tutorial. Go to the notifications section. You’ll get all you need. 100%

( Made by Patrick )

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