How to display a current count without having to click an object to add it to count

I’m wanting to show a total of how many achievements a user has in their achievement collection.

For example, everyone starts with 1 achievement just for downloading the app. But, the counter on the dashboard always shows 0 … however, if I go into achievements and CLICK an achievement, then the dashboard will update with 1.

How do i get it to just display the total without having the user clicking them all to count them on the dashboard?


This is the dashboard counter. As you can see, I have 2 lists collecting achievements. All this is is the count for those lists. So that’s why I’m confused on why I’m having to “click” an achievement for it to start counting.

Can you show a screenshot of the screens and then how you have the component set to display the count?

Is it everytime or only the first time then it’ll always show one even if the user logoffand on?

It’s every time no matter what. If you have 3 achievements, but only 1 shows on the dashboard, you still have to go to the achievements screen and click the other 2 to update the dashboard.

“Logged in user > achievements > count”

These types of counts work for me, I do them often without having to click anything to get them.

It looks like it’s what he did. But inside a custom formula to make an addition.

To be honest, since the update announcement on collection permissions, I have issue with those :confused:

These are the lists on the achievements screen to display the achievements when earned.


This is the dashboard screen with the count pulling from the achievements count.

My assumption is “this is the way its suppose to work” with how i built it too. Because nothing happens until someone clicks an achievement to “update achievements”, which then gives it a count.

The user has to visit each achievement for it to count I guess. Not a bad thing because I do have content with each achievement. lol. But as an end user, I’d like the count to show up based on how many show on the list. I aint too worried about it, I noticed it not a user.

But you said that you if you go on the achievement, then close and relaunch the app the issue is here again, so they should go every time. Not very user friendly :sweat_smile:

They must be an issue somewhere else. Have you tried contacting the support team?

Hi @marklive,

This is interesting.
Did you put any additional filters on both “Counts” in your formula?
What if you try to display 2 labels with “Counts” for each achievements (no formula)?
Did you try to display this label on another screen (not Home)?


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