How to reset a toggle button and how to count completed tasks?

Hi there,

I’m working on a to-do like app and I’d need your help.

The problem is the following:

I would like to show completion stats for specific tasks linked to users.

For example, a user will have a specific list of tasks (let’s say “Work”).

Then, within this “Work” list, he would have Task 1, Task 2…Task 7, Task 8…

My question is how can I count the completion for a specific task linked to a specific list and user ?

Also, how could I “reset” the toggle component after completing a task to make it more “recurring” ?

Many many thanks for your help,

Hi @Aki

I have made a basic cloneable app to demonstrate how this can be done. Please take a look here. Clone it, and adapt it to your needs!

Hey @Colin,

Thanks for your support ! Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Though, I still do not see how I could count the task achievement score in your template.

For example, let’s say I have a list “groceries”.

In this list, I have a subtask / item : “milk”.

How can I count how many times did I checked “milk” ?

Many thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

You are right! I forgot to add that function in. I have now updated it though and added that.

What I did here was add a new number property to the tasks collection. Then on checkbox toggle button I added a new Update action with the formula below:

This now counts up the number of times that task has been completed.

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