How to embed google analytics script

how to embed google analytics script

does anyone know how this can be done?

Hey, I have never integrated Google Analytics into Adalo. I use Mixpanel for all my apps which is what Adalo fully supports and I find it to serve my needs very well, and very powerful when you get the hang of it.

One of my Apps had been exploited by a user, (they found a rouge click action) into an admin only screen. I was able to track back the users route to the screen in the App using Mixpanel click actions (took less than 5mins)

I also set up dashboards for top features which gives me insight to then prioritise these features and make them more accessible. Admittedly, Google probably has features Mixpanel doesn’t have, but it works for me maybe it would work for you.

Maybe someone else here on the forums has implemented Google Analytics. Sorry I can’t be of more help maybe @njimmy10 has a better idea since he is a component dev.

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thank you for the answer❤️, I already use the mixpanel, but I want to install other services using the script method, so that my project would be larger

Hi Keith.

We are a Fintech Startup building a product for Renters in Bogotá, Colombia. We have built our MVP using Adalo and Xano but we are still struggling to find a way to track good analytics. We use Mixpanel integration but the users aren’t identified.

Would you be available to talk to us?