How to embed Tribe content in Adalo with JWT SSO

I currently have my Tribe community added via the webview and that has worked temporarily.
However, I have multiple web assets that have stand alone sign in and authentication.

The biggest complaint I have had is that it requires separate sign in.
I would really like to be able to have Adalo user database manage the sign on process and authentication, and then pass a token and variables via magic text in the URL.

In theory, I understand how this could or should work.
But I’m stuck on how to make it work since I dont understand how to make / create a token in Adalo and pass that to the webview URL.
Should I be using a different component?
Is this possible?

(not sure if link allowed) For reference: JWT SSO | Bettermode Partners

I just found this thread - is it possible to generate the token similarly?

I was not aware this was possible as I dont use external data / apis but it is available to me.

Is it possible to make this happen with the ‘Arbitrary Javascript’ component?

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