API request data from text input with line break

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I’m trying to make POST request with the text from the text input field. If I make a line break in the text, Adalo will not send this request. The text must be entire.
I can make the test text a single line and in that case the request will be sent. But if I make a line break in the application in the text input, then the request will not be sent.

But users can make line breaks for make text more readability.

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Not sure about line break if that run the custom action or not. Need to check that!

But for the valid JSON problem I guess the problem is that you don’t has double quotes between the user_id , courses_id and lessons_id inputs added from magic text. Add them and try again!

Thank you

Thank you for reply! user_id, course_id has numeric value. It works properly. As you can see, when the text is on one line, there is no broken JSON.

I found a solution here Custom Action - Intermittently working (text input issue) - #8 by theadaloguy

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