How to extract multiple products name from the cart to google sheets?

Hi all,

I’m trying to find a way to extract ALL products that are in current cart to google sheets after they are being successfully purchased. I can only extract ONE product(its usually the first one that is added to the cart) but all other products are missing.
My database is consistent from Products, Order items and Carts/Orders. Everything works just fine, when user logs in the new cart is created then if he click on some product, that product is added to order items(that has a relationship with the current carts/orders colection) but then when he finishes that purchase I created a new row in my google sheet with all the info from the user but only part that is missing is products that the user has ordered.
I have been banging my head with this one so any help would be appreciated.

there is a hard work around use the api pdf generator component. do everything like you are going to create a pdf but instead of url choose Jeon and you can use zapier to send it to google sheet and add a row will all the info DM me or email me at if you what me yo show you how

Hi Grant,

I have sent you a email. I’m interested to show me how to solve this problem. Please let me know how would you like to connect and when.

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