Multple product ordering

IS there any cloneable app with multiple products ordering? All I can find is with one product order.

I believe in the restaurant clone you can order multiple items?

No, you can not. You can if they are in same page (like juice + bread for example) but you can not order 2 menu for example.

Like in my app everything works great with one product but when user click back and add to cart more products only last one is in order and rest stays in cart.

Check this video our and we have a few other restaurant videos too:

The full tutorial is on if you want to buy the course.

I watced, but the problem is because there is no cart. All tutorials are when user order one product, but there is not tutorial how to add multiple items to cart. For example leggings in one category, then t shirt in another category and then to order everything.

Ok thanks!

Sorry, but that is in the video.

We don’t have counts for the cart etc, but when you look at around 3:18 in the video, that’s the cart for the user. They went through the ordering process, added the items to the order, then go through the checkout.

I think where you’re getting caught up is you need orders and order items. When a user starts, create an order. When they add an item to the cart, create an order item tied to the order. The video above explains all of that.

I will try. I will let u know. Is there any course lessons that I can see before buying course?

You can check out our Youtube channel. If you like that form of content, you’ll appreciate the course. In the course, basically we build the apps we walkthrough on YT step by step.

Also, for another project I just filmed this today:

Hey I checked and set up everything like u did in video, but it is not working when I am adding multiple products, and it is because of this path: user>category>product>product explanation adn add to cart. So, when usrr add item to cart and go back to order more items in different categories, available data from order dissaperes. So it is working only if u choose one product or multiple in one page, but no if u go back… But I am making clothing ordering app, and it has to be like I explained

Why don’t you create a standing cart collection, add items to it. When the user checks out, use bulk actions to create an order?

I could make a video on this some other time.

I think I dont know how to do bulk actions. I would like to see that video :grinning:

There are quite a few videos out there already (and A LOT of stuff on the forum). You can start with this here - [ADALO TRICK] Easy - Bulk update records - YouTube

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Here is screenshot of my problem deleting data when user go back on categories

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