How to get a receipt for a paid plan from Adalo?

Hi guys, does anyone know how to get a receipt from Adalo after purchasing a paid plan? I did not manage to find it anywhere and did not get a response via email either. Thanks.

Can maybe someone from Adalo assist here?

Probably best to email them directly…

But good note for the Adalo crew, it would be nice to get emailed PDF’s for accounting purposes (bonus points for adding a specfic email address for the invoice to go to ie vs the users default email).
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Hi @TonyD,

Thank you for your advice. However, contacting them directly via email was the first thing I did, I even contacted them on 2 different emails. That would be great. One would expect that is automatic. Hopefully soon :smirk:

We will get to your email as soon as we can. Sending multiple emails or questions in different channels (slack / forum) will only actually slow the process down as it makes the queue longer :slight_smile:

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That’s good to hear :slight_smile: Does it mean we are actually going to get it?

Hi Tommen, I believe the team has reached out via email?

For the future, requests like these can be made directly through this link:

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Hi Colin,
Unfortunately, no one responded to any email or tried to contact me. Ok, thank you. Hopefully will be working.

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