How to get the Dynamic Rectangle to Work

I’m trying to pull the hex values from my database but I can’t get it to work. Any ideas?

can you please share the screenshots?

you can try this approach

the only way you can force the pull of data from db is via list or change value of input via button or something related to it.

usually you need a form in order for you to update something in the interface if you plan to pull data from db

but you can share further info how are you trying to implement this we might find some workaround. :slight_smile:

To fetch the hex values, make a list of your rectangle & connect it to the hex collection. But if you want to fetch the values for logged in user then make a property in user collection & connect it.

Magic Text > Logged In User > Hex Code

For list - Magic Text > current [yourCollectionName] > Hex Value

When I tried to do this (For list - Magic Text > current [yourCollectionName] > Hex Value) that won’t show up in the available options. It’s like the component is not recognizing hex values .

Hope the property which you are using to hold values is simple text

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