Text colour from collection

Good day component factories.

Magic colour TEXT component - anybody want to make one? Change colour of text according to the hex value stored in collection.

We have the Magic Color Rectangle component which pulls a hex colour from collections. Works great.

@Michael @knight @James_App_Maker

Is this straight forward enough?

That would be cool.


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Thanks for adding jimmy

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Will work on it!

Thanks @charleshope

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Thanks for pinging, since Jimmy is working on it, I guess just leave it to him

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Amazing! I’ll be v excited to put it to use.

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Yeah, a component for this will be good! :raised_hands:

But in the meantime this could help you! :wink: ( with @knight’s NocoderHQ HTML Renderer component )

:clap: You are the man @dilon_perera

That’s definitely a good workaround for now.

But having a component that directly changes colours would be better.

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True! If Adalo adds this to the normal text component that would super duper cool! :exploding_head:

Hey bro if you aren’t already committed to making this component, I’d like to take a crack at it.

I finished it an hour ago. I’ll be releasing it in a bit


Nice @dilon_perera !
I think I will wait for the component just to save a layer of complexity, but great suggestion.

The component is now available on JN Components or demo.jimmynoujaim.com

You can find a demo for it on demo.jimmynoujaim.com

Please if anyone wants to request it, instead of Adalo team name just put the adalo developer token, i haven’t updated it yet, i am working on some big adjustments. The component price is just 25$ one time payment.



Colours, underline and font choice!

Turned around in 10 hrs. Hats off to you :clap:

Thanks Jimmy. I have requested to purchase.


Thank you!

This really helps for having Dark Mode and Light Mode for your App, combined with the Magic text rectangle, and possibly with @James_App_Maker dynamic background and icons.


it might yes, it is now available!

It’s a great component, it gives so many possibilities. Well done Jimmy.

Could you do the same but for Icons?
Maybe a wider library of Icons too?

Whilst using this excellent component, I have grown unsatisfied with the Magic color rectangle component.

@njimmy10 would you be able to make a better version of the rectangle component that allows for alpha opacity (rgba), just like your excellent Dynamic Text Colour?

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