How to get the url of an image that was uploaded?

Pretty simple question, in my use case, a user takes a picture and uploads it; it gets stored in a collection as an image. I need to be able to access that image via custom action.

When i open the collection i can “view” the image which brings up a url in my browser. How do i get that URL name as a text field in the collection without having to click “view” and manually copy and paste?

I need to pass that URL parameter to I know how to setup custom actions, but obviously i cannot send an image, only text, and date. How do i access that URL when the file is uploaded?

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you can do this:

  1. add a text property in the collection and name it URL
  2. when the user uploads the image, go to the url property and select other components > image picker > url

hope this helps!


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Interesting… for anyone else who stumbles upon this: @ramenplay nailed the solution. HOWEVER, this does not work if you used the “Form” component and tied it to a collection.

To be clear, the individual “image picker” component works with this solution. If you set it up as a form with in image picker inside the form, it does not work.

Thanks Kev!!!

Then you’d add a second update action on the submit button, which can reference (for example) logged in user > profile photo > url

@theadaloguy That was the first thing i tried. it does not work if the image picker is a field within a “form” component. I tried an “update record” action as a 2nd action on the submit button using “image > url” as the text for my new field and it ends up blank. This ONLY works if you can select “other component > image picker” as the input for the update action.

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