Image from external collection

Trying to do what seems like the most basic thing. I have an API that returns a user ID and a URL to a profile picture.

Now, I want to display that profile picture inside a regular image element. However, when I go to add the URL using Magic Text, I don’t have the URL available. Only a count of the records? What’s going on there?

Okay, no problem. I’ll just add a custom action instead of an external collection (because I don’t need a collection… just one result, the only thing my API returns). But, additional complication arises because, for some reason none of my magic text is available in a custom action (in this case, the logged in user’s ID, which I need to send to my API to get the profile picture).

If I decide to use it in a LIST, then I can at least select the value I want, but the list doesn’t load and just shows a spinning wheel forever. I’m not worried about fixing this though, because obviously I don’t need a list when I’m just getting one result.

Would really appreciate some guidance here, if anyone is able. Thank you!

Hi @ChrisColeman,

If you try to display a value from a External Collection you need to come from a screen that has a list connected to that collection or you need to make the component a list and connect it to that collection and filter it to show the needed record. Same with Normal Collections.

If you try to access that value from a custom action you need to save that value adding a action after the custom action because custom action values can’t be used in other screens. For that you can store the result in a input component and in the component you can add that input or you can create a record in another collection and show that but saving the result in a input and show that input will be good!

Check here : Radnom Dog Image.mp4 - Google Drive

Hope this helps!

Thank you