Show button only if more than one condition is true


I’m trying to show a button only if two (would really like it to be three) conditions are true. I want to show a button if a record property is not empty (i.e. “if logged in user>field is not equal to empty”) AND if another record’s true/false is set to false ("collection>field is false). I saw other posts suggest making the button a group and setting one condition on the group and another on the button, but the group visibility condition is ignored no matter what I set it to. It only shows based on button visibility and the group visibility has no effect at all. I can set it to any condition and any field from any collection and same result).

The group contains one item, the button.

Any ideas?


Hello man, yes you can do that, you have to add the main condition and then make the component a group and add the other condition

Yes that’s what I did and it ignores the condition set on the group.


Hi @paulh :wave: :wave:

You mean like this know?

So in the video the button only visible If the full name is not equal to empty and signed should be false.
So when the user signup I set a automatically field to update the signed true/false property to false but when the user didn’t type the full name he can’t see the button. The full name cannot empty. So this button only appearing if that two conditions are correct. So the Full name cannot be empty and the signed true/false property cannot be true. And If the signed true/false property is false but the full name is empty that button is not appearing. You can see in the video what I said. The button name is visibility.

So here’s the video how it’s working what I said.

Thank you :innocent:

It’s a bit hard to see what’s going on in that video. But here’s an example:

  1. The group conditional visiblity is set to sometimes visible and will be visible if User> Paying Account field is set to True.

  2. You can see that the User>Paying Account field is set to False (I only have one user in this collection)

However, the Send button is always visible no matter what I set the group condition to. Could be anything and it’s ignored. Perhaps this is a bug?

Before the user enter the screen you are updating this field or are you are updating this field in this screen?

The field doesn’t change, it’s static (in this example). And like I said, I could set the condition to be literally anything and it doesn’t change visibility at all.

Ok so the button is visible to the user only if that true/false property for that user is true.

Correct, the button should be visible to the logged in user only if that property is true. But I could literally make it a condition where a field = X and it will still show 100% of the time. For me, it just ignores the group visibility condition

So you have to update that property to true and then the button is visible

The button is always visible no matter if the property is true or false.

What for me it’s working good.

Here’s a video this condition how works for me.

Ungroup the button and set the visibility condition to the button and see. And ungroup and group again and see. And delete the button and add another one and group it and set the visibility condition and see. And If not the best thing is Submit a support ticket.

Thank you :innocent:

So you grouped a button and you set the visibility right?

Thank you for testing this. Maybe something got corrupted with my button :slight_smile: I have tried deleting and re-adding the group with no change. The button visibility does work, just not the group visibility. I submitted a support ticket. Thanks anyway.

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Your welcome @paulh :innocent:

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