How to Import Instagrm Profile Data - Easiest way?

Would it be easier to import data from Instagram using adalo collection or using Xano?

If so how would this be done.

I am trying to add a button in my app to bring in images, bio, follower count, following count and possibly some post data as well.

I am willing to pay someone to help me do this.

I did find and was able to setup a way to scrape the data from public instagram profiles.

You’d probably want to use their API.


I know how to get the data I need to know how to do that In Adalo…import and store. not just display

If you can already get the data, use something like Make/Zapier to store the data to your Adalo collections via Adalo collections API. For each result, add Adalo record.

You can achieve the same using Xano.

I made a function in xano that gets called when a record is created now. It totally works perfectly. I figured it out.

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