Question reg Starting with Adalo and moving backend to Xano later

I am planning to create an app using Adalo and use its internal database initially. But if/when the app gets lot of users in the future and I plan to link the backend to Xano ,

  1. Will the existing data already created in the internal database move to @xano once Xano is integrated using ‘External collections with API’ link? or just new records will be created in Xano under same collection name as in Internal database and any query will search both the internal collection/document and the external collection as well?

  2. Do I need to create logic separately for the data stored in Xano to run any methods/calculations/interpretations or Xano will use the server side functions/methods using things already created in Adalo (Not sure if I have clearly asked my question. so let me try asking with a simple example.)
    Lets say user inputs the number of hours he has worked everyday. A function in the server side keep calculate the average hours worked for the month till date, average hours worked in a week, etc and stores it under average values of month, week etc to display to the user under Reports.
    Now this logic that calculates the above averages will need to be created for the database in Xano or is that something Adalo will have it and run it on the data in Xano whenever there is a new data?) Not a techie in databases and so pardon if missing any logic in the question.

  3. If external collections with Api linking is just adding additional database to the internal database, is there a way to migrate all internal data to external database(Xano) without making any/much impact?
    3.1. Would users face any issues while doing such complete migrations?
    Like, I guess if users have opted to do email registration instead of social authentication or other methods, then they have to re do the registration or create new password, since the passwords stored in the internal database cannot be exported.


Interested to see the responses.


Very good. Thanks for bringing this up. Wish I could help.

I will say, These are all good questions. And illustrates all the hurdles, well. Hopefully, Adalo can streamline this stuff. So, newbies, like me, can just build, and not have to navigate the seas of limitations.

Side note for Adalo - AWS / Amazon is powerful & “profitable” because it’s CIA funded. Not to mention, Google Chrome (spy software) seems to be one of the few browsers that work well with Adalo. Hopefully, in the future, Adalo considers supporting companies that actually work for profit.

I am building powerful solutions for my clients using Xano and Adalo. So, I will answer to your questions because I have a lot of experience with Xano.

  1. If you want to migrate to Xano from Adalo you have to upload all datas on Xano by uploading CSV file you get from Adalo. Is easy to upload CSV to Xano but if you have relationships on Adalo, you risk to lose it on the migration. So, recommend you to start with Xano database and keep all here

  2. When you migrate to Xano you should create all the actions manually. If you want to create a record, you must use “Custom Actions”. If you want to edit/update a record you must use “Custom Actions” and same for delete. So, if you have functions to calculate some things you have 2 options: use Adalo magic Text or make it from Xano setup once API is called

  3. I told before, once you migrate on Xano you risk to lost data. I didn’t migrated with users because I created the app from starting with external users, but I migrated with other databases like products and I lost some informations because Xano have is pretty different. For example, I lost all the prices and all the quantities because from Adalo I got “1,000,00” and in Xano is “1.000,00”.

I hope I answered accordingly and made you understand. If something is not clear, feel free to tell me.


Thank you! I almost got an idea now based on the experience you have shared.
Just looking for some missing info. Since you started with Xano from the beginning for Users, not sure if you would have an idea about the issues and solution for that.

Point to Note: I am planning to use Xalo only after the App proves to be successful and until then stick to Adalo to reduce cost.

1.1] If users collection along with other collections is initially created in Adalo and then migrating to Xalo, would the existing registered users be asked to set a password for their account when they open the App or Would it result in some error? In that case I would better make the user registration only via social login to avoid any authentication errors after migration(I believe that would solve that issue)

1.2] Or should I better consider starting with Xano free account with only users collection in Xano and use it until the App gains 10,000 users (Xano free account Record limit) and then switch completely to Xano once it touches that?
But in that case, whenever the App logic checks if the user trying to change any data in the Adalo internal collection data is a registered user and the owner of the document, would it have to verify it everytime with the backend/Xano(Free account limited to 500 req/day. So limited here) or it does the ownership check from the client side data?
Or is it better to avoid maintaining user collection in Xano and other collections in Adalo to avoid any data errors?

  1. Assuming I have all my collections (Users, Department, etc) in Adalo right from the beginning. When the App grows I am linking Xano using External collections with API. But I am not copying/migrating the existing Adalo Internal database to Xano but just creating (Users, Department, etc) collections in Xano as well.

2.1.] Does it work? Will the Adalo work with both Internal and External collections to check if the user is there in the Internal collection and if not in the External collection as well or vice versa? This way I can leave the existing initial users use the Internal database for any of their documents while the new users use the External database.

  1. If you want to use social signup (google, apple and facebook) this will not be available anymore with external users. Xano give you posibility for social signup but Adalo Support and Xano support didn’t give me a solution to this, so we don’t know how to implement social signup on Adalo from Xano.

And if you want to use external users, you have to do a new app and when they ask you about database (New database, share with an existing app or use external users). You can’t have users with internal database and external one too.

I am in the same situation like you right now. I created an MVP with Adalo database but was just for test. Now, I created a new app, because I want to use external users. I have to copy every pagi from the old app to the new one and to set it up.

But if you select the option to use external users, you can create and use external collections in your app. (this is a good one)

1.2 Don’t use Xano for free! Will not work, I tell you that because I experienced this. What happened to me? I used Xano free account and lists are loading and disappear. You can’t test the app with Xano free and users can’t use the app with Xano free. So, if you want to use Xano from the beginning, I suggest to pay for a plan.

2.1 The app works with internal and external collections. But you can’t use internal and external users, so you have to create a new app if you want to use external users.

I love Xano because I avoid many actions on the app and a lot of hard actions are done by Xano API setup. And this avoid slow speed (which is a big problem in Adalo).

I can share my experience with Adalo database: I have a social media app that have thousands of users around the world and is very very slow because I use internal database (i don’t have time to work for this project anymore).

Another experience is that: I had a client that needed a e-commerce app. He uploaded 700 products (images and many informations) and BOOM! The app was down and not able to be used anymore! So, we migrated with 700+ products on Xano and everything is ok now, the app works like have 10 products, but it have more than 1.000.

I hope it helps you. Feel free to tell me if you need other informations.


Thank you for the detailed explanation and sharing your experiences. This will definitely help others as well. I am doing further exploration and research on the possibilities & difficulties out of all these scenarios. Will do further post / query once I get enough info to provide any info or ask any additional question.
Will wait for any other input as well, from Xano or Adalo people regarding the social auth issue that you have mentioned.

Always happy to help!

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Have you advanced to xano? :slight_smile: