How to make a list do something when a player is on no lists

I’m making a game where the admin creates messages and when users see the message they click “don’t show again” when they don’t want to see the message again. this adds the logged in player to a list on the thing of the admin message that shows who not to show the message to. What I want to do is make it so when the last don’t show again button is clicked and if every admin message has logged in user in their hide from field then it goes to a different page.

  • You need to set the visibility of the Don’t Show Again button to hide when the user is added to the Hide From collection

  • Then need to go to the screen that leads to the one that displays the Dont Show Again button and delete the link action, then add two new ones

  1. First link action will target the screen before all users are apart of the Hide From collection and will only happen Sometimes. The logic you need will be something like: It will only happen when Hide From > Users > Count is not equal to All Users > Count

  2. The second link action will go to the screen when all users are apart of the Hide From collection and it will be the same but instead of is not equal to you will want is equal to

That should get it working

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