How do I make a list disappear for all users after one user updates it to disappear?

I wish that when the list was updated it would disappear for all users who were seeing it, but it is not what is happening, when a user updates this list it keeps appearing for all users, and I wish it would not happen. Does anyone know how to solve this?

Hi @Trov ,

It is like magic wish. :grinning:

But the logic would need a data to act on it, you can imagine where will the data would be, is it in users collection, or other, or new collection than you already have ?

You know that list have visibility, so you can use that data here.

If you need batch processing to update the data that is used in visibility, check my previous posts.

Using no code still means we need to figure out where to put the data for the logic. :grinning:

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