How to make a list of videos from youtube?

Guys, hello everyone! Who faced the problem? I want to make a sheet with a YouTube video on the screen, with a picture and a description of the video. When clicked, the video should be viewed in the app. I will be grateful for a hint)

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If it is a one video you can add the Video URL on the YouTube component,and add a image component and upload the image and add a text component and add the description.

If it is a list of videos you can create a collection to store the videos. And you can rename the text property (name) as description and add another text property to store the YouTube video URL and a Image property to store the Image.

And in your screen you can add the YouTube Component that you can download from the Marketplace. And a image component and a text component. And then select the YouTube component and select other components ( image component,text component ) while clicking the shift key.

After selecting the three components click make a group that you will see in the left side. And click three dots in the top and select make a list and select the Videos collection and In the components section go to the group ( or you can double click on that component ) and select YouTube component and add Current Video>URL ( the text property you created to store the YouTube video URL) from Magic Text. And in the Image component add Database>Current Video>Image ( the image property ). And add Current video>description in the text component from magic text.

And add a link action to the group to go to a new screen and add another YouTube component there and add Current Video>URL from magic text.

Hope I understand you correctly.

Thank you

Thank you, dear friend! This is exactly what I need!)

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