Magic text in Web View don't show collections fields

I added a Web View component in order to embed a YouTube video.

Created a “Videos” collection with 2 properties, Name and Url, to store some video embeded urls.

However, when I select Magic Text in Web View, the “Videos” submenu only contains 1 option: “Count”. It should display the properties “Name” and “Url” but they don’t appear there or anywhere else in the Magic Text menu.

You need to have the collection available on the screen.
What data LIS linked to the screen?
Click on the screen name on the canvas and check Available data in the properties on the left.

To meek the video collection available, right click the web view and select Make list.
Select the video collection.
Now you should have the fields of the video collection available for Magic Text.

I tried but it didn’t work. Also I noticed that the guide from Adalo about embeding videos does not mention anything about making lists:

I’ll try to figure out what I’m possibly doing wrong

I suggest you check the video

I’ve watched the video but it focuses on lists. I have lists already in my app and they work. However web view component doesn’t work the same way. Thanks anyway

@lgarridoj To illustrate it I created the following:

  • Collection Videos with Name and URL
  • on the first screen the list of the videos
  • on the second screen the webview to view the selected video

The action for the play icon links to the WebView Screen:

As displayed in the interface with the link the data for the Current Video, the one the user selected, is now available on the linked screen.

So you can select Current Video > URL


One more note:
For YouTube videos you have to use the URL for embedded videos:


Thank you, if I use lists linked to the videos there is no problem at all. However I don’t want to use lists (I don’t need them in my app) in order to show embedded videos.

There is an official tutorial from Adalo that shows how to do it:

But I can’t get it to work

If you don’t want to use lists and collections and ignore the fact how data is bind to a screen in Adalo, I cannot help you.

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This is correct. It’s just the way Adalo works. It sounds like you don’t need lists, but you in order to achieve what you’re looking for.

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I thought that lists were optional but I see now that I need them. Thanks for your help

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