How to make a notification page

How to make a notification screen in an app in Adalo like which have different notification updated and when someone clicks on any of the notification it will take you to that page?

Create two collections - “Notification Type” and “Notifications”

Create your notifications and give them a type each time (eg, “New Order”, “Status Update”, whatever). Do a list of the notifications and create conditional actions based on the notification type.

Eg, if notification type = “New Order”, go to Orders Screen. If notification type = new friend, go to friends screen etc etc.

You can build a very powerful custom notification system in this way!


Thanks a lot. hope it works.

I have one adalo website app and
one adalo mobile app; both sharing the same adalo database.

I am trying to make a notification appear on the mobile app whenever a button is clicke on the web app, however it is not working at all.
I have no notification collection on the database; do i need to ?