How to make my website DOMAIN with GoDaddy work in adalo website?

May anyone tell me how?

Thank you! Quick question is it possible to make a voice chat?

not supported yet unless you are using external services such as

Is there any thing other than that external service?

which is for free? because this is for money!

It is free. You can create a video link by using a random text at the end of the URL.

For example:

The key point here is when you create a video call between the 2 users, give them the same link. Anyone with the same link can join the conversation. The rest is up to you on how to figure out the creation of the links automatically.

This calling works in a webview component. So if you set a screen with a webview component and add the jitsi link, it will work within the app

The paid version requires custom development but it also allows you more flexibility.

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