Linking Mobile App to Web App

Hey everyone!

Is there a way to link a Mobile App built in Adalo to a Web App built in Adalo? A client wants users to be able to access their product from the app store & from the web. Could they share the same database?

Also is there any way for a user to record a voice memo and save it to their account and then be able to play that voice memo (recording) as well?

Hoping to hear from you soon!
Thank you!

You can link to the web app but there aren’t friendly or deeplinks yet, so they’ll need to renavigate to whatever page they should be on.

They can share the same database (so info will always be in sync) and you can copy and paste across the apps (share design elements).

Regarding voice recordings, I don’t think there’s anything available for that right now. You would need a custom component to do the recording. Users can upload/download files but that’s slightly different.

Hey Erik!

Do you have any resources i can check out on how to link the databases?

Also do you have any resources on how to download files?

Appreciate your help with this.

When you create a new app, on the 3rd step, there’s an advanced button. Click that and it’ll let you sync the DBs.

Regarding file download, you’ll need to figure that out. You’ll need to host the files externally. You can probably do a work around with file upload in Adalo, send it to external hosting in zapier, then host the link in adalo.

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