Is it possible to make a voice chat?

Hey! I see you there looking, well lets see is that possible? Lets reply below and see if it does, because me and some I talked with want to add that in adalo! Yeah even if you don’t know we can discuss in replication! I’m new here so I would like to know…

My idea:

that works! thank you…

every user creates messages in the same screen, what do I do?

Not sure if I understand. Can you expand on this

So basically in my chat ssytem user creates the new chat and when they create the new chat they get linked to the messages I wanted to add header where users go to rooms with other, but if other users make another chat room they will go wih same link, I want like diffrent links

I’m still not understanding your question. Maybe you could make some screenshots?

I could give template link, that would make it easier?

preview link is fine

Lux’n NOW (

also if you looked at team chat, and you went through toggle button dosent want to active, why tho?

so it says that current user does not follow anyone. If you are logged in to the app, you need to have another user that you follow

The same is true for team chats. You could create a function where user clicks on a button and they will be added to a “team collection”. Then another button where if user clicks on it, it would take them to the chat screen and only messages belongs to the team would appear on the screen. Of course you could replace the button with any logic. The key point is that if some action happens > user would be added to the team. So it would be a relation to the User > Team > Messages.

There are some adalo experts that offers 1 on 1 coaching if interested:

can you add it for me lol, thats too confusing

It would take more then just add it to the screen. I am happy to answer some questions or give you a hint on where to look for some info, however I am unable to design apps on behalf. This is why I offered that there are some Adalo Experts that you could use for coaching. I understand that it takes time to learn some new features or get the hang of Adalo. However with time, research and practice you could make it!

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