Can anyone recommend a quick and reliable 3rd party chat platform that I can easily integrate in my app?


I am looking for someone who can integrate 3rd party chat software into my app or recommend a 3rd party app that I can integrate myself.


Hi @jjames,

You mean a chat-bot right?

There are some chat-bots that you can add in to your Adalo app. But Crisp will be good!

You can watch this video made by Nathan! : Adalo Fast live chat tutorial using for FREE - YouTube

Thank you

But its only for customer Service or?

@dilon_perera @MichaelApp , sorry I should have been more specific–I need 1:1 and group chat capabilities. This is not for end user support.


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I need the same

Not sure. Maybe try searching.

But I think creating this inside Adalo will be good!

1:1 chats : Clone Chat Feature to Jumpstart Your No Code App

Group Chats : Group Chat Template

@dilon_perera @MichaelApp , I have read the reviews and questions about Adaolo’s chat feature and it may not do everything I need it to–that is why I have been looking at 3rd party apps like mirrorfly and stream, but these two are not easy to integrate when you have limited coding skills :slight_smile:

Can we Integrate some like this? Is it possible?

I made a web chat desktop PWA app template that can create one-on-one and group conversations for user-to-user conversations.

I’m in the process of making a native mobile version that will be ready by the end of this week.

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But you use an API or something? So not the standard chat function from adalo or? So is this realtime based?

I used the internal Adalo database and created the chat functionality.

It’s pretty close to real-time. Like 4-5 seconds between sending/receiving a message.

The next thing that I think would make this template really shine is desktop push notifications. I was discussing it with @santiago & @Productology on a different thread about using OneSignal.

I’m going to record “walkthrough demo videos” for my templates later this week so I’ll have a promotional video and a demo video that’ll explain the templates’ functionalities.

Here’s a super quick demo @MichaelApp I built it myself. I did not clone the adalo chat template to create this.