How to make popup.?

Hi everyone
Introduce my name is Agung, I am a new user at Adalo, I have something to ask, how do I make the modal component work?

I tried to follow the tutorial on youtube, but it seems I missed something, so it doesn’t work as it should.
I will try to provide a screenshot.

in the first screenshot before the preview, I included the button component, but after I try to preview the button component it doesn’t exist.

before preview

After preview

Select the elements → Arrange → Bring them to the front.

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Hi @charleshope
thank you for your response, I have followed your directions, but that doesn’t work.

Hi @Agung ,

Delete them and reatttach.

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Your issue is with those three buttons inside the modal:


Those are the three elements you need to select and change the styles and rearrange.

We don’t know how you have them set up, so you need to apply trial and error.

Additionally, and as @Yongki mentioned, delete the elements and build them again. That’s another thing you can try.

As a general recommendation, when you bump into issues in Adalo, your first approach should be trial and error. Try different settings, and different arrangements and see what happens.


Hi @Yongki
thanks, your suggestion worked, I tried deleting and creating it again, and it worked.

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Thank you for the advice.

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What sometimes help is to group the elements. In your case try to select the 3 elements and if it does not help group all elements including the text.


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