Changing style of a button when clicking

Hi, I’m looking for changing the style of a button when the user is clicking on it. How should I structure my screen?

For instance, I have a screen with a blue button, I want it to be grey when the user is clicking on it.
I’ve tried using visibility property and 2 different buttons, but the components are not placing in the right place.

Do you have a solution?

Hi @Ela,

Unfortunately, dynamically changing the element style is not available in Adalo at the moment.
The only workaround is make element Sometimes Visible, but as you’ve noticed, this requires some work to make the layout look nice. As a general hint, you could try to place buttons right one above (on top) the other, and then try to find a good layout with trial and error.


Hi Victor,

Thanks for helping. I have to respect the design made by an UX. On top and bottom, I have already buttons to click on. I can’t overlay 2 components it make it worst. I would like to create an array of clickable buttons, 3 columns and 3 rows.

Any hint?

Hi @Ela,

Sorry, I don’t have the “silver bullet” solution for you here :frowning:

One of the hints is to put elements into the rectangles, e.g. you create rectangle, make it transparent, and then put the buttons or other elements inside it. With it it’s easier to control the layout.
You need to watch for the element order, of course, to make buttons work.

This approach may help, but still requires a lot of tries to make things look good.

Best regards, Victor.

Okay, it’s helping :slight_smile:
Thank you for your time !

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