How to properly work with the database after publishing?

Tell me please, how Adalo interacts with the database after publication in the store? Will there be a data base update in Adalo editor or in Firebase? How to correctly make changes to an already running application so as not to damage the base assembly?
As I see it: 1. I am making a copy of the assembly without a database (or with it?). 2. I make changes to it screens, check the performance. 3. Uploading the update to the store.
Is this the right way?
I feel like a database is such a fragile thing. If the base assembly is deleted or fatal changes are made to it, then the database is tied to it and then it also suffers? How to properly work with the database and make changes to screens after publishing?
Sorry if the questions are trivial, maybe give a link where I can read more about this.
Thank you!

Hi Artem,

If you make an change (s) in the database, it will automatically update in the app.

If you make any changes to the screens, update the UI, etc… you’ll need to push a new build for those changes to render in the app.

(your users need to update the app for the changes to take place)