Which database our live app connents to?

Hi All,

If I publish my app on Play Store, I have to export the app as apk and then upload to the play store. That’s clear. And it creates a clear boundary between the published code and the code in the editor which I’m working on for future version.

But I’m not sure how Adalo handles the database. Will my live app use the same database as my app in the editor where I’m adding new features for the next version.

If so, isn’t that error prone? Because during development, I might make changes which can break my live app.

Also, what if any changes are made to the database in my next version, how does Adalo merge these changes with the live app?

Kindly elaborate this point. It will be very helpful for me to move forward with my idea. Thanks.


I would also love answers to this question! Thanks for posting it.

No replies :frowning:

Looks like the product doesn’t have proper customer support at all. I posted a couple of questions/concerned, and either I got not reply at all, or the answer was not much helpful. How’re the people behind it expecting the product to grow?

Hi Shahzad,

The team is not online on the weekend.

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Hi @scientist!

I think you’ll find this previous thread about this topic useful in your question! Live database in Native App

I also wanted to point out that the forum is not a place for inquiring support from Adalo for your bugs or roadblocks. There any many avenues of resources that you can browse, including our help docs, these forums, and the hours of video and training content driven by the community on Youtube.

If you come up against any roadblocks that are limiting your progress after exhausting our available resources, or believe you have encountered a bug, please feel free to reach out through our support ticket form.

We appreciate you building with Adalo!

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Thanks for your reply.

I’m actually excited to work with Adalo. I’m already using all the resources you mentioned. In fact, I even bought two courses on Adalo at Udemy. However, such tricky questions are not answered anywhere and probably that’s why not just me but some other people do get stuck somewhere.

Anyway, I’ll create a ticket if there is something tricky or blocker. Thanks again.