How to restrict order for customer

Hi everyone,
I want to set restrict orders for the users, that he can only order ONE item every two months, that’s mean the next order will be after two months from his first purchase.


You can set the visibility of the button “BUY” conditional.
One possibility, would be to make it conditional to a date, which is created in the event of the first buy.
Of course, the date will be equal to 2 months from now.

Hence, the visibility condition would be: visible if LOGGED IN USER - LAST_BUY is after 2 MONTHS AGO.
To make it work with the first buy, you also need to initialize the variable LAST_BUY when user signs up, to be equal to a very old date, so that it will allow the user to make the first buy.

Thank you for the reply,
How I will do that, it’s my first time using the Adalo service, and I am not an expert with these features, is there any video or article explain that please?

Best I can link is this one! Changing a Component's Visibility - Adalo Resources
If still is not clear, look on the forum for conditional actions based on a date

I tried, but it didn’t work.

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