Nesting Conditions

Hi everybody,

I’m new to Adalo and at the moment I feel programming would be much easier :wink:

I have a button to edit an event that is only shown to the creator (first condition, Logged in User = Creator).

I grouped the button and added a second condition, Event Start Date is after current date but still the button shows!

Is this a bug?

I’m pulling my hair out, I’ve changed the condition date = email but it still shows ahhhhhhhh!, what am I doing wrong?

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Date conditions can be a bit tricky. Can you share a screen shot of how you have it set up?

1st Condition:

2nd Condition:

grpEditButton only contains the one button, I thought I could do this forever :smiley:

Hello welcome to the forum … it will be a pleasure to help you, but I would need more information

Visibility of the user that I publish is ready! is well done now what would be the second condition?

The images show both conditions, condition 1: Button; condition 2: Group.

Should it be possible to group the group and then group the grouped group etc to have “endless” conditions?

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