How to Select All Items in List?


Is there a way to select all the items in the list and do an action after they have been selected?

For example, I have a list of flavor choices to that can be included in a meal package. I want a button that can select all the items in the list in one click. Is there a way to do this?

I have tried the multi-select dropdown, but the “select all” button does not show in native build.

Create a true/false value in the collection and when that toggle is turned on use the additional actions>update item. Each item may need a true/false value

ok, I understand the true/false function which will update the selected item. I manage to do this with individual item within the list.

But how does this toggle select all the item in the list? Let’s say I have 20+ items…

Hi Khairul,

I think you need to use the trick that includes a list and a countdown :

Not sure if this is possible with API.

Thank you

Thank you dilon for your suggestion . I have tried this, but not exactly what I’m looking for.

I want a select all button that will turn on/off the toggle of all items within a simple list.

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