How to set an INPUT required? help

I´dont know how to set this. Please if somebody knows tell me

Is this to create a new item in a collection?

If so, click on the button “Subir hilo” and set an action to “Create > Item”. Then fill in all of the fields with the inputs. Last, add another action to link to the next screen.

HI @Flawless, yes I have done this.
But I want to set that when a user create the new item, all the fields has been completed (required).

Hi Ramon,

You can add a visibility condition to the button visible if Input > is not equal to > empty and group the button and add the second visibility condition to the group if you have another input. Then the button is visible if the inputs are filled with values.

If you need like the Standard form you can watch this video made by Steven.

Thank you

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