How to set default radius on map based on location

I have store locations listing successfully on a map, but it’s showing all listings by zooming out to fit all locations. I don’t see an option to set a radius distance to say only show stores within 20 miles of user’s current location. Is this possible now? What’s a good workaround to achieve it? Or will be available when location gps is released?

I believe you need to wait for location GPS.

The current workaround would be having each marker belong to an area, for example a State collection, or a city collection, and then only show current city > markers.

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Thanks @theadaloguy. I think I know what you mean here but how do I auto-add new locations to a City Collection? For example, when a user adds a new location which is a suburb of Los Angeles, how do I associate that with the Los Angeles City Collection? Or are you referring to manually associate directly on the database?

Yes so the user chooses their city etc and that’s a manual connection from a collection on database

Great. I believe I got it. Thanks for the assist @theadaloguy

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