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Hi guys!
Do you know if it is possible to have something like in the map in Adalo? Add a count of the items in a certain radius? Thank you!

@dilon_perera do you know if it is possibile or have any advice about hot to display markers in the exactly same location?

Hi @Filli,

I think this question is separate from the main question right?

Where your location stored? Maybe it will be better using the location property and store the locations there and on the map add the longitude and latitude with a comma!

For the main question I think that will be a feature request or a custom component.

Thank you

Yes sorry, I have for example the locations of some stores and they can publish different advertising and I show into the map the advertising where the store is positioned. But if a store has different adv into the map how can I display all of them?

How the locations are created? I believe you have a collection for locations and stores and connected them with a relationship. Then you can show a list of stores before the screen where the map has and on the map you can filter it by Current Store > Locations or you can just put all locations on the map and the all locations will display!

The location is an item of the collection and is for the store. And I have another collection “adv” linked to the “store”, this collection doesn’t have direct location but hereditate from the store. if a store has 3 adv, they have the same location but into the map I see only one, maybe they overlap

Ah so you have a collection called adv and then you have a location property on the stores collection and then you need to display the stores locations on the map with the count of the the adv of that store?

Yes for example something like that, now I display the location and when a user click on the marker the list put under the map is update with the relative item. For example in the screenshot I only see 1 marker but there are more than 1 in the same location.

Something like this?

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yes, how can i do something similar?

Sorry if I disturb you @dilon_perera, do you have something to follow?

Sorry for the delay!

Check this out : How to - Map Method.mp4 - Google Drive

Image source : https://dummyimage.com/ ( credit goes to Thinh in Glide Community for finding this : Images from number-column - #4 by ThinhDinh - Ask for Help from Community - Glide Community )

Wow! Thank you a lot! I will study better the images, it is possible to set different images, for example if I have only 1 record there is a nicer default image.

Your welcome!

Then I think you would need another collection to store the images for the counts and link that with the store collection with a rel and show that rel’s image.

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